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revolut's Journal

22 June 1987
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i'm a recent college graduate, but i'm going to grad school (in boston!) soon because i am one of those crazy people who just loves to learn. and, i won't lie, i'm kind of afraid of being a real adult.

i'm a photographer. i always have been, and i most likely always will be, but i've been becoming more and more fascinated with gender and gender theory and how such a simple thing has become so complicated in this insane culture of ours. so, that's what i'm going to be studying for the next two years.

besides that, i like doing nothing and doing everything. i'm kind of full of contradictions that way. i like organizing and baking when i'm upset, laughing and moving when i'm happy. i like being crafty and creative, and do a lot of that in my moleskine on a somewhat regular basis. i take tons of photos, but most people won't see them. i still (after four years of long, nerve-wracking critiques) get kind of freaked when people see them. the exception is when i post them online, where people can see them without me knowing. contradictions, i know.

i'm a fast reader. i speak quickly and often with complicated words and thoughts. i like people and ideas that challenge me intellectually, but i also like it when they inspire me. i like when things aren't what they seem. i like surprises, but as long as i don't see them coming. i highly value grammar and spelling online. highly. i like mood lighting and electrolytes.

i guess mostly i'm just a girl with a lot of feelings about a lot of things.